Set Name: Starter Deck - Special Card Game 1

Set Prefix: SCG1

Cover Card: Indestructible Machine King


  • Further Support of the "Indestructible Machine" archetype.
  • Including some previous TCG cards
  • Including 23 never before seen cards
  • Includes 1 special never to be made again Secret Rare Card(1 every 26 Starter Deck- Special Game 1)

1 Ultra Rare 2 Super Rares

10 Rares

17 Commons

1 Secret Rare

SCG1-EN001:Indestuctible Machine 37(Common)

SCG1-EN002:Indestructible Machine 132(Common)

SCG1-EN003:Indestructible Machine 21(Common)

SCG1-EN004:Indestructible Machine Ninja(Rare)

SCG1-EN005:Indestructible Machine 63(Common)

SCG1-EN006:Indestructible Machine 54(Common)

SCG1-EN007:Indestructible Machine Blacksmith(Rare)

SCG1-EN008:Indestructible Machine 6(Common)

SCG1-EN009:Indestructible Machine 000(Common)

SCG1-EN010:Indestructible Machine Soldier(Rare)

SCG1-EN011:Machine Lord Ür(Common)

SCG1-EN012:Indestructible Machine Factory(Common)

SCG1-EN013:Indestructible Bomb App.(Common)

SCG1-EN014:Indestructible Machine Forces(Rare)

SCG1-EN015:Monster Reborn(Common)

SCG1-EN016:Lightning Vortex(Rare)

SCG1-EN017:Dark Hole(Common)

SCG1-EN018:Legend of the Machine Hero(Rare)

SCG1-EN019:Mechanical Passage(Common)

SCG1-EN020:Piercing Tools A,B(Common)

SCG1-EN021:Self-Indestructible Bomb(Rare)

SCG1-EN022:DNA Surgery(Common)

SCG1-EN023:Machanical Trap(Rare)

SCG1-EN024:Trap Hole(Common)

SCG1-EN025:Bottomless Trap Hole(Rare)

SCG1-EN026:Machine Judgement(Common)

SCG1-EN027:Machine Connection(Rare)

SCG1-EN028:Indestructible Machine Pope(Super Rare)

SCG1-EN029:Indestructible Machine Lord(Super Rare)

SCG1-EN030:Indestructible Machine King(Ultra Rare)

SCG1-ENVR1:Indestructible Machine Dragon(Secret Rare)